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Re: Script for backporting translations

Daniel Nylander skreiv:
Hash: RIPEMD160

Håvard Korsvoll skrev:

- Merge HEAD.po with STABLE.po with these rules:
    1 If msgid's are equal and msgstr's are different => use msgstr
      from HEAD.po
    2 Any msgid in STABLE.po that are not in HEAD.po should be left
      with its current msgstr.
    3 Any msgid in HEAD.po that are not in STABLE.po should be

Point 1 could be done with msgmerge -U HEAD.po STABLE.po. But it
clutters point 2 since it don't look at the msgstr in STABLE.po.

Are there anyone who can help?

I might be a bit slow here but what benefits would 2 and 3 give you?

Well, if I use msgmerge as I suggest, and there has been a change in the msgid between STABLE and HEAD. STABLE will end up with an empty or fuzzy translation of that string since it doesn't find that msgid in HEAD. This is wrong since the translation may be perfectly valid for the STABLE version.


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