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Re: Generating PO (and PO-debconf) compendium files

Javier Fernández-Sanguino Peña wrote:
> (This mail is sent after reading
> http://ramblingfoo.blogspot.com/2007/05/po-compendiums-1st-step.html)

Well, you have beat me at my own game :-) I didn't wanted to announce this yet.

> I've seen Eddy's post regarding PO compendiums and, actually, think it would
> be something really nice to have in i18n.debian.net. 

That is in development as we speak :-) It will be for all languages.

> For those that do not now what compendiums are I suggest reading Gettext's
> compendia section (see 'info gettext' and search for the text)
> I would actually like to use those scripts (first) in all the Spanish
> po-debconf translations to compare translations and see if there is are
> inconsistencies in translations (which there probably are) as well as to
> provide to translators an "official" compendium to make translations to
> ease the translation process.

No need, you will just be enabled in the scripts I made and you will be able to get the results right from the
i18n.debian.net server when they will be ready.

> I believe that, specially in po-debconf entries, there is a high level of
> reuse so many of the existing translations can be used as starting points
> for newer translations.

Currently I am working with po material, but I will switch to po-debconf after i make sure that the scripts behave ok on
this material.

BTW, the current po (do not confuse with po-debconf) material is broken for some languages (fr and de) and such errors
will be caught for po-debconf, too (the logs will be public).

> So, who do I have to bribe with wine and/or cheese to get the scripts?

Just make sure you buy me a beer in EDI ;-)

"Imagination is more important than knowledge" A.Einstein

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