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Generating PO (and PO-debconf) compendium files

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I've seen Eddy's post regarding PO compendiums and, actually, think it would
be something really nice to have in i18n.debian.net. 

For those that do not now what compendiums are I suggest reading Gettext's
compendia section (see 'info gettext' and search for the text)

I would actually like to use those scripts (first) in all the Spanish
po-debconf translations to compare translations and see if there is are
inconsistencies in translations (which there probably are) as well as to
provide to translators an "official" compendium to make translations to
ease the translation process.

I believe that, specially in po-debconf entries, there is a high level of
reuse so many of the existing translations can be used as starting points
for newer translations.

So, who do I have to bribe with wine and/or cheese to get the scripts?

Thanks :)


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