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Re: Please show the timeline for the Etch Release Notes

Alle 16:48, domenica 1 aprile 2007, Kobayashi Noritada ha scritto:
> As a translator, I'd like to know when the English version of the Etch
> Release Notes will be finished.  I'm quite confusing to see the
> current state of the Release Notes that it still has many big changes.
> I have been working to make the Japanese translation finished on April
> 1st, the deadline described in an announcement[1], although I have
> some other big tasks/deadlines last week and this week.  However, the
> translation work has been like a cat-and-mouse game and I cannot see
> the goal line now.
> Since all translators and collaborators (like reviewers) have private
> schedules, I'd like to know the latest information of the Release Note
> works -- what percent has finished, what has not been done, and when
> the original text will be (almost) finished.  I've read notes on
> recent changes[2], but it may have got old, and it does not mention
> any timelines and deadlines.
> Note that translation is not a word-by-word substitution.  Translation
> requires consideration and reviews by other people just as the
> original text does.  I need at least a couple of days (and hope one
> week) to finish translation after the soft freeze of the original
> text.

As a translator, I fully agree with nori. It would be important to know which 
day exactly original Release Notes will be completed and reviewed, and how 
many days (hope 3 at least) we'll have for the last revision to be available 
for commit.

Luca Brivio

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