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Please show the timeline for the Etch Release Notes


As a translator, I'd like to know when the English version of the Etch
Release Notes will be finished.  I'm quite confusing to see the
current state of the Release Notes that it still has many big changes.
I have been working to make the Japanese translation finished on April
1st, the deadline described in an announcement[1], although I have
some other big tasks/deadlines last week and this week.  However, the
translation work has been like a cat-and-mouse game and I cannot see
the goal line now.

Since all translators and collaborators (like reviewers) have private
schedules, I'd like to know the latest information of the Release Note
works -- what percent has finished, what has not been done, and when
the original text will be (almost) finished.  I've read notes on
recent changes[2], but it may have got old, and it does not mention
any timelines and deadlines.

Note that translation is not a word-by-word substitution.  Translation
requires consideration and reviews by other people just as the
original text does.  I need at least a couple of days (and hope one
week) to finish translation after the soft freeze of the original

[1] http://lists.debian.org/debian-i18n/2007/03/msg00098.html
[2] http://lists.debian.org/debian-i18n/2007/03/msg00135.html

Best wishes,


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