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Re: Including ttf-indic-fonts in first cd

2007/3/26, Frans Pop <elendil@planet.nl>:
Note however that that does not guarantee that the font package will be
included on the first CD as CDs are relatively small and there are a lot
of packages that have a lot higher priority for getting on the first CD
than language-specific packages. There are more languages that have this

It will certainly be included on the first DVD and will also be installed
if you use both a CD and a network mirror during installation.

And there is of course also the option of creating a custom CD image for
your language which does have the packages for Malayam on the first CD.

Is it possible to have an official cd with all the
language/language-desktop tasks included for the languages supported
by the installer (similar to the ones for kde and xfce)? We could call
this -l10n. It would solve this issue for quite a few languages and it
would every language team from maintaining a custom cd for its

Does it sounds good? Is it difficult to implement before etch release?

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