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Re: Including ttf-indic-fonts in first cd

On Monday 26 March 2007 18:06, Praveen A wrote:
>  With the addition of Malayalam in the Debian etch installer, we have
> noticed the default installtion using Malayalam end up in a system
> without Malyalam fonts and hence unusable (Thanks Jinesh for pointing
> it out). Can ttf-indic-fonts be included in the first cd ? An the
> relev nt fonts also getting installed when the language is chosen?
> Does that require adding tasks ?

The correct way to do this is to create a malayam and malayam-desktop task 
in tasksel and add the font package you need in that.

Note however that that does not guarantee that the font package will be 
included on the first CD as CDs are relatively small and there are a lot 
of packages that have a lot higher priority for getting on the first CD 
than language-specific packages. There are more languages that have this 

It will certainly be included on the first DVD and will also be installed 
if you use both a CD and a network mirror during installation.

And there is of course also the option of creating a custom CD image for 
your language which does have the packages for Malayam on the first CD.


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