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Re: (forw) Google Summer of Code 2007 - mentors and project ideas wanted

Christian Perrier <bubulle@debian.org> wrote:
> From a user point of view, but that may be less relevant, bazaar is
> much less easy to integrate and understand than non distributed CVS
> live Subversion.

In what way?

I've not heard of CVS live Subversion, but once you understand the
basic idea of version control, I think it's not too much of a step
either to centralised shared servers (CVS, Subversion) where the
version control storage is (usually, but not necessarily) in a remote
place and you take a local copy; or a distributed system, where the
version control storage is local but you can merge in from a remote

Maybe if you've only used version control with remote storage, then
you need to first see that those two things are not necessarily tied.
As noted, version control seems not a very common skill among
translators yet, so is this a widespread problem?

If we try to educate translators about version control, let's try to
make it clear that where the storage is doesn't change the basic ideas
of version control.

Personally, I think most distributed systems don't dictate workflow as
much, so would prefer to see one adopted if possible.

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