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Re: Please unblock mysql-dfsg-5.0 5.0.32-6 <- ABI problems!

> Ok, here it is for Dutch (skipping LCFC because the changes are
> extremely minimal).

I included your file. Small remark: the file is ISO-8859-1 encoded
while the PO file header announces it to be UTF-8. So, I indeed
converted the file with "iconv --from iso-8859-1 --to utf-8" before
putting it in place.

Christian (Hammers), I will send you the full patch with all PO files
updates and the changelog entries as of Feb 22nd. Dutch and Brazilian
came in, so we now have all languages that were complete before the
change to be complete again. I guess that Romanian will soon come in
also and I still hope for Catalan and Turkish updates.

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