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Re: Please unblock mysql-dfsg-5.0 5.0.32-6 <- ABI problems!

> In GNOME, there is a string freeze which forbids such changes for
> several weeks before the planned release. I think we have no reason for
> not doing the same in Debian. If we want translated templates, we must
> not change them every other day, it's as simple as that.

I agree. The GNOME model for handling l10n is pretty nice. When it
comes at Debian packages, I may understand that a hard string freeze
might be hard to achieve, but I at least expect maintainers to deal
nicely with the changes when they need some.

We (i18n crowd) provide the needed tools and any kind of possible
assistance to maintainers to handle such situations. Up to now, I (and
all other i18n people) relied on the maintainers intelligent handling
of their packages and I must say this works pretty well.....with some

I would personnally favor a soft freeze for changes that are likely to
affect packages or software localization: we could imagine allowing
changes as long as they have been coordinated with the i18n "team" and
prepared so that translators get a chance to update their work.

This is certainly too late for etch, of course, but something that
could be introduced in the release policy for lenny.

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