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[D-I] Notification for apt (level 5)

The following has nothing to do with the notification you'll get for
level 1. Last night, I had a complete power outage at my house, which
hosts my server, which hosts my copy of APT l10n, used as reference
for D-I stats. Therefore, APT files were unavailable, which confused
the stats robot.

You'll get another notification when the robot notices that my server
is back online.

PS: electrical power outage for several hours in a house with
electrical heat only while the temprature outside is -8°C is *not

----- Forwarded message from Christian Perrier <bubulle@alioth.debian.org> -----

Date: Fri, 26 Jan 2007 05:05:21 +0100
To: bubulle@debian.org
Subject: [WebSec-txt-fr] http://d-i.alioth.debian.org/l10n-stats/level5/fr.txt - 2007.01.26__05.05.20
From: Christian Perrier <bubulle@alioth.debian.org>
X-CRM114-Status: UNSURE (-4.8653) This message is 'unsure'; please train it! 

Changes for fr level 5
   between 2007-01-25 05:05:15 +0100 and 2007-01-26 05:05:21 +0100

Changed files:
  * apt/po/fr.po : 514t -> 0u

Old totals: 2603t0f0u
New totals: 2089t0f0u

----- End forwarded message -----


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