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Re: [D-I] New string to update from netcfg

> > freeze, it has been decided that translations will be "unfuzzied" for
> > incomplete languages when the netcfg package will be uploaded. This
> > will avoid the whole screen to be fuzzied when presented to users if
> > you ommitted to update your translation.
> Does it mean a small fuzzy part of a debconf template will make the
> whole dialog untranslated? Is this really true? If yes I suggest to file
> a bug report.

It has been this way since po-debconf exists.

For a given debconf template to be shown translated to users, all
strings have to be translated, yes.

This is a design choice which I generally agree with (mixed screens
could appear strange to users).

A while ago, I reported a bug requesting that at least partially
translated Choices list could be presented (something that we're doing
currently in D-I localechooser for the country list).

For this, Denis Barbier recently implemented the "#flag:partial" trick
in po2debconf, which will allo having partially translated lists.

Actually, your mail reminds me about this trick which we could use in
that particular case.

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