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[D-I] New string to update from netcfg

Dear Debian Installer translators,

After a recent change is s360-dasd templates, the D-I team had to
change another string to cope with a bug that often hits our users who
are confused by the use of "Fast Ethernet" to mention Firewire
Ethernet interfaces.

It has then be decided to change one string from "Ethernet or Fast
Ethernet" to "Ethernet or FireWire (IEEE 1394)".

This makes one string untranslated in D-I level 1. Please update this
as soon as possible.

Given the very late occurrence of this change which breaks the string
freeze, it has been decided that translations will be "unfuzzied" for
incomplete languages when the netcfg package will be uploaded. This
will avoid the whole screen to be fuzzied when presented to users if
you ommitted to update your translation.

But, PLEASE, do your best to update it (as well as the recent change
in s390-dasd)


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