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Re: D-I Manual - update (deadline: Jan 22)

On Monday 01 January 2007 14:17, Frans Pop wrote:
> I don't think we'll need to do any more big changes in _existing_ text,
> but I would like to try and add some information:
> - graphical installer

This is now documented in:

The version for powerpc is slightly different. I've added two references 
to that section in other parts of the manual.

Reviews welcome as usual.

> - some missing bits about installation of tasks (pkgsel)
> - maybe document a bit about mirror selection, which I noticed is
>   currently undocumented

I've decided not to bother about these anymore. For one thing, I feel I've 
done enough creative writing for a while. And also, I feel I should let 
you people get on with the translation instead of continuing to make the 
target harder to reach.

As I've said before, minor corrections are still possible. And I know that 
Steve Langasek wants to add a para or two for the alpha architecture.


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