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Re: Supported locales

Quoting Clytie Siddall (clytie@riverland.net.au):
> Hi everyone :)
> While updating my files for the installation guide, I wanted to give  
> an example specific to my language for one of the strings:
> >Can be used to set both the language and country for the  
> >installation. This
> >will only work if the locale is supported in Debian. Short form:
> ><userinput>locale</userinput>. For example, use  
> ><userinput>locale=de_CH</
> >userinput> to select German as language and Switzerland as country.
> but I am unsure if the Vietnamese locale for Debian is called "vi_VN"  
> or just "vi". Where do I check this, please?

dpkg -L locales on a Debian system...:-)...or "ls /usr/share/i18n/locales"

Of course, I know you're using another OS....but you can ask your son
if I remember correctly.

The only Vietnamese locale in Debian is vi_VN

Though technically nothing prohibits a locale to be named with a
language code only, nearly all locales in Debian are xx_YY,
optionnally with modifiers such as "@euro", or charset mention when a
given locale has more than 1 charset variation.

The only locale using the ISO-639 code is the Esperanto locale.

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