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Portmap upload with po-debconf translations/updates

I'm going to make a new Portmap upload in a week or so to fix a l10n bug
#404166. I have the package ready to build but I am going to wait a week,
just in case anyone from the i18n teams wants to provide a new translation or
can manage to send me an updated one.

Please send translations to the BTS directly (not to me, to avoid mail from
getting lost)

Updated translations (8): cs da de es fr it ja nl

Out of date translations (5): pt_BR ru sv uk vi 
(already notified by e-mail)

This is a really simple translation (4 msgids).

Please also notice that portmap is Priority: standard and pulled (because of
fam) when the GNOME desktop task is selected. Consequently,  many users will
end up getting it installed in a default Debian installation.

Best regards


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