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Re: Remind/ask DDs to apply translation patches before release? (and ask for new translations at the same time)

On Wed, Dec 20, 2006 at 02:24:32AM +0100, Javier Fernández-Sanguino Peña wrote:
> I've been noticing, at the same time, that some popular packages have
> translations that are sitting in the BTS and waiting for the maintainer to
> As we are on 'freeze' now and one of the things DDs *can* do during the
> freeze is to upload new translations (or updates), shouldn't we ask the DDs,
> maybe via -devel-announce to upload new translations? Before doing so they
> should ask for new translations for their packages before they make such an upload.

I completely agree. If only 10% of all affected maintainers respond we will
gain more than during the NMU compain.

Since I try to update also major documents such as the German Debian
Reference translation it is important that we get informed how long such
uploads are still possible. I know that it is not easy to guess such a date
now but if someone will get informed about it please drop a note to this
list so that updated versions can be finished and uploaded. (It's
useless to upload now incomplete work if it still improves each week but
missing the release would be very pity.)
> We could also take the chance to ask DDs to make uploads to try to fix *all*
> outstanding l10n-bugs before the release. Here's an ordered list of the first
> 10 packages with most open l10n bugs [1]

> There are 1274 l10n bugs (412 of these over a year old, ~800 with a patch) and

82 of these 412 are from my spell checking attempt 1.5 years ago :-)

> 600 of the total follow the [INTL:xx] format so they are most probably
> po-debconf translations which are waiting for inclusion.

Not necessarily. But wether it's debconf specific or not does not
matter. The patch for upstream stuff should be added to the Debian
package and removed once it is fixed upstream (which could happen during
hours on request).

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