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Re: iso-codes

Clytie Siddall wrote:
> I'm a little confused about which file is "iso-639-3". I translate  
> the iso-codes package for Debian and the TP, and it doesn't list such  
> a file. The listing (ver. 0.55) is:
> iso_3166		country names			410 strings
> iso_3166_2	        state/province names	3856 strings
> iso_4217		currency names			265 strings
> iso_639		language names		484 strings
> iso_3166_2 is usually only partially-translated, since very few  
> languages have equivalents for all the state/province names in the  
> world.
> Which file is "iso-639-3", and where do I find it to translate it?

Alastair McKinstry can give you the real answer.

Maybe this PO file was only in the Debian iso-codes and not imported into
the TP (precisely because there's often nothing to translate), or something
like that? I don't remember it.


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