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Re: other fallback languages Re: Deactivated languages

> And until etch+1 you'll even have enough time :)
> Fallback to french instead of english would be very useful in many parts of 
> africa, not sure about other sensible fallback languages...

The mechanism for fallback languages is already here. This is one of
the fields of languagelist in localechooser:

Northern Sami;1;se;NO;se_NO.UTF-8;se_NO:nb_NO:nb:no_NO:no:nn_NO:nn:da:sv:en;kbd=lat0-sun(utf8)

However, experience has shown that these fallback languages are
usefule for very few languages and, sometimes, things that sound like
a good idea initially turn out to be confusing to users (e.g. using
Russian as fallback for Ukrainian, or things like this...).

And, guess what, even this can lead to political-style problems...

So, well, the fallback language is a possible option in a few cases
such as Northern Sami above....but this is not a definitive solution
for most of the currently incomplete languages ?

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