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Re: Announce of the upcoming NMU for the zope-zwiki package

> I have a query about zope-zwiki.
> Not long ago, the zope-common package became available, to ensure we  
> no longer have to translate a long list of zope templates with mind- 
> numbingly similar strings.
> I was delighted to see this package, but checked carefully, by asking  
> if this package replaced all the separate zope templates. I'm pretty  
> sure the answer was "yes", because I deleted all mine.
> If I got that wrong somehow, it would be useful to know. ;)

THat is surely true but changing the zope-zwiki package to use
templates from zope-common requires, imho, too invasive changes in a

So, I actually suggest that you grab translations from zope-common,
then re-use them for zope-zwiki.

The remaining of the work should be the duty of the zope-zwiki

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