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Re: Announce of the upcoming NMU for the euro-support package

On Tue, Oct 17, 2006 at 09:12:17PM +0930, Clytie Siddall wrote:
> So I wonder if we can classify packages by maintenance efficiency, a  
> sort of popularity-contest of our own. ;)

<maintainer's hat on>
FWIW I do not handle all translations for packages in a consistent way. I
have made available debconf translations for Snort, Nessus, Portmap and other
packages with high popcon ratings (= higher users) available sooner. Packages
like 'euro-support' are quite low priority for me.

> So I wonder if there's any way we can filter packages by translation  
> implementation. I'd really like to assign higher priority to those  
> debconf and program maintainers who actively manage their translations.
> I don't know how this could be done, but I'd certainly be interested  
> in using it if anyone can suggest a way. :)

If it's any help, I ask the people in the spanish language team to first
focus on packages that are used by a lot of users (higher popcon ratings and
in most relevant sections of the archive) and then proceed with other
packages. Going through debconf translations (like some teams have done)
following the abcedary is, IMHO, pointless. 

Packages that are heavily used tend to:

- have more active maintainers 
- have more users/developers interested in seeing an update

Consequently there are more chances of those packages being updated either by
the maintainer or through NMUs.

Although we currently don't have that done it should be rather easy to
generate (just parsing the changelogs) a metric of "how often does a package
get updated". For my part, compare the "Latest News" section of:


to the following packages (much more popular and under active maintenance)

</maintainer's hat on>

Just my 2c


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