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D-I translations, freeze day 1/8 02:29: 05/36/04/27/12

News from today:

- STRING FREEZE in effect. We have EIGHT full days to update
  translations. This is pretty short for translators who are
  late or have neglected their work in the hope they would catch up
  at the last minute. Now your only hope for being in paradise
  is to HURRY. And CHECK your translation against the spellchecker

- Please note that D-I RC1 could be the released version if it is
  perfect enough for Frans and the release team to decide we will
  not have a RC2

- Focus on level 1 and tasksel. Other levels are still opened for
  a longer time. Of course if you have time, complete them anyway!

- Calls for updates sent yesterday:
  - exim4 (level 3)
  - aptitude (level 5). Has indeed been sent on Oct 12th

- 1 language is 100% everywhere: fr

- nb update for aptitude is waiting for the maintainer. We seem to
  have a corrupted patch problem there.

For details about levels, please see

For details about the statistics, please see

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