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[D-I] Prepraration for RC1 - string freeze now in effect

Hi folks,

As announced earlier, the string freeze for Debian Installer (level 1) is 
now in effect. We are sorry that we've had to make a few late changes in 
strings, but all have added important new functionality which we really 
wanted to include in RC1.

The end date for translation updates is still: Sun 22 Okt, 00:00 UTC.
After that, all pending translation updates will be uploaded and we will 
start building RC1.

Note that the recent changes for partman concern strings that are seen by 
*all* users in *every* installation [1]!
So please make sure that you update your translations for those strings!

After RC1 is released, we will ask you to _test_ the installer in your 
language. This is important because you often see errors or 
inconsistencies or strings that are too long and thus broken off only 
when you actually run an installation. It is also important because it 
allows you to check that the general setup is correct for your 
language/country (keyboard, locale, installed wordlists, etc.).

Also another reminder to check that there are no important (technical) 
errors in your translations, using the overview on:
Please make sure you check this page the next day after you commit changes 
in your translations.

Good luck,

[1] Except when preseeding is used to automate the installation.

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