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Re: Important: please update your Debian Installer translation for D-I RC1

> > D-I RC1 is due ou for the end of October, so you know the drill.
> > 
> > Estonian            | 2006-07-12 | 1488t   22f   10u
> Sorry for taking so much time, I was a bit busy.
> I set the encoding of et.po to utf-8, hopefully thats ok (it's not
> default encoding for estonian). Poedit refused to properly include a

No problem for using UTF-8 for the PO file even if "it is not the
language encoding". Indeed, that's not true and Estonian can perfectly
be used in a UTF-8 environment....which is what we're doing for Etch

Sorry for the extr ping I just sent, for level 1, after you updated
tasksel....from this message it is now obvious that you will take care
of level 1.

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