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Re: [Translation-i18n] translating via an intermediate language

Hi Bruno,

Today at 18:12, Bruno Haible wrote:

> Interesting! And what are the practical experiences you or translators
> made with it so far (except that it's useful :-))?

Well, both positive and negative.

The biggest negatives: some had problem actually finding the relevant
strings in the UI, since it was not so predictable anymore (i.e. you
have to use same language in the UI as well, and what seem like
"original" strings may change underneath you); it also became a bit
confusing when some strings were not translated in the "alternate
base" language, so they got the English string, but this was well
documented behaviour so it didn't cause much problems. ;)

As for the positives, except for being useful ;), it also allowed me
to actually develop in English, while multilingual users (translators)
were expected to be mostly familiar with Esperanto (except for the
notable few whose main task was to translate my English to Esperanto)
or any other language.

The project never ended up being finished (lack of coordination
between two groups: developers and target users), so there was not too
much practical experience (only intimate members of the team worked
with this, and we all know they are not useful for usability studies

What has been developed so far has been done under GPL, so once I
clean-up some parts which shouldn't be public, I'll also publish
entire CMS as well. ;)


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