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Re: [Translation-i18n] translating via an intermediate language

Hello Clytie,

> Another translator has  
> already mentioned doing this in Emacs: keeping the backup language PO  
> file as a reference. So if we could request:
> msgid[en]
> msgid[xx]
> msgstr
> in an editor, specifying the secondary msgid language in the prefs, ...

It can not be done purely in the editor. Because if, say, the Russian
translator updates her translation, correcting a mistake she did in
an earlier translation, and you translate from Russian to Vietnamese,
you need to be alerted of this. msgmerge needs to set the 'fuzzy'
flag when this happens. If it were just the editor which displays
a synthesis of vi.po and ru.po, this could not work. We really need
to save a (partial) copy of ru.po in vi.po.

> Current candidates for the secondary msgid language, which would  
> increase our translation resources, and make it possible for many  
> more translators to participate, include Russian, Spanish,  
> Portuguese, French, Afrikaans, Chinese and Hindi.



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