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Re: [Translation-i18n] gettext with non-en source language

MJ Ray asked:
> > Question raised on -l10n-esperanto recently: can gettext be used for
> > localising a program with a utf-8 non-English source language?   
> > That is, the thing in the _("...") has accents and isn't English.

Technically, it is possible to use a non-English source language.
You have to be careful to
  - pass --from-code=UTF-8 to xgettext when creating the PO files,
  - always keep the PO files in UTF-8 encoding, never convert them to
    ISO-8859-1 or so.

The bigger problem is to get translators which understand this
non-English language. Translators from, say, Spanish to Hungarian
are more difficult to find than translators from English to Hungarian.


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