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Internationalising kernel-package generated debconf templates

(attempt to move this to -i18n)

> > But, this is currently not (yet) translatable... Manoj tried to work
> > on this but the i18n was breaking something, IIRC, and he had to
> > revert the change. At least, this is where I left in that story.
>         Well, Steve had mentioned something about being able to have
>  templated templates, or something, so that one would not have had to
>  preprocess the templates.master.in to create templates.master, but I
>  don't recall how that went.

Yes, that's probably it. It would be nice if someone with the needed
skills (read "not bubulle") would look into this and bring some input
so that these templates are i18n'ed finally....and, as a result, all
kernel-image templates as well, of course.

Does someone in the -i18n crowd feel like looking at this and work
with Manoj on a possible solution? Before etch would be good....

> > (not speaking about the....ahem...wording of these templates)
>         Bright, chatty , personal, freindly as opposed to dull,
>  distant, cold, robotic? 

Well, I know we do not agree on the topic...:-). This is indeed why
I'd like to have the possibility to bring style consistency at least
for the users of the French language (who, as everybody knows, are
very unfriendly people with distant ways to address others)....and
probably other languages.

And anyway, besides our disagreement about style, Manoj, we should
probably work on the *length* of the k-p templates. They're indeed a
little bit too long to fit on a 80x25 screen, which is recommended
when possible for debconf notes.

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