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D-I translators: ignore the "changes" warning for xorg today

Today, those of you translators who are subscribed to the notification
robot (which mails you when files are changed for levels 1 to 5) will
be notified for an untranslated string in xorg.

Please IGNORE it. It has been triggerred by me inadvertently running
debconf-updatepo on xorg debconf templates on a sarge machine.

In xorg, one string is marked as untranslatalbe by using a new feature
of debconf-updatepo, not implemented in sarge. As a consequence, this
string has been marked again for translation.

I have corrected this right now, so please ignore the warnings.

This is a good occasion to remind all of you who are NOT yet receiving
these automated notifications that they are a very good way to keep
your work updated without active action from your side.

The list of "subscribed" languages is now (mail addresses slightly
messed up by removing the domain part):

sk Peter.Mann
# cs kurem
fr bubulle
sv info
nl cobaco
hu sas
ro eddy.petrisor
ko darehanl
tl xenos
pt elmig
vi clytie
gl jacobo
pt_BR felipe
it sc
ar adn+deb
sq elian.myftiu
ca jordi
ne pradhanparas
bn itsjamil

Just mail me if you want to be added.

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