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Re: new netcfg translations from Ubuntu

> I cannot use those translations for spanish "as is", no big typos, but they
> are not good translations. Expect them to be changed in the Debian's d-i
> netcfg version.

Which brings back an issue I bringed yesterday in private:

Why not have the Ubuntu-specific strings *in D-I SVN* so that they're
merged into the main Debian PO file (or, alternatively in a separate
file to allow translators who are Ubuntu-allergic to avoid working on
them....but this would mean extra work right now to change our

Doing so would:

-avoid translation of these in Rosetta by Ubuntu i18n people with no
guarantee of consistency

-save a lot of work to Colin Watson

-avoid the problem we're talking about right now when Ubuntu-specific
strings come into Debian

This could even be extended to other CDD, of course.

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