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Re: Bug#384287: reportbug: please internationalize the software

Quoting Christian Pernegger (pernegger@gmail.com):
> >in case someone wants to help the reportbug maintainer to internationalize
> >it. It would be a very interesting feature to have.
> What's the point as long as the BTS is not internationalised?

Chicken and egg?

I agree that having an i18n'ed BTS would be a feature to have and,
indeed, this issue has been discussed several times inn the past with
no real solution existing but, anyway:

> Most of my friends and family can't report bugs themselves because
> they can't express themselves well enough in English.

You seem to assume here that only users who don't speak English like
i18n'ed software. That's untrue. I do use a fully localized system and
I tend to think that I speak a quite decent English.

This is mostly because I tend to think that I better understand my own
language than English (and also because I like using my own language,
indeed). Which does not prevent me to send understandable bug reports...:-)

> A useful startion point would be to allow a bug report to specify the
> language it is in (with a request to do it in English if at all
> possible) and then either
> - forward it to a language specific list for translation ( one or
> both versions included in BTS)
> - designate go-betweens that will handle the interaction with the 
> maintainer.

For sure, such feature would really be interesting. Up to now, the
limitation has always been saying that l10n teams certainly couldn't
handle the load it would add to them, even the most powerful ones.

At first, reportbug should certainly warn users that bug reports have
to be written in (even poor) English.

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