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Re: Comment field in DDTSS?

Martijn van Oosterhout wrote:
On 8/21/06, Jacob Sparre Andersen <sparre@nbi.dk> wrote:

Would it be possible to add a comment field per package translation in DDTSS?

Sounds like a good idea, what were you thinking? A free-form field after the translation where anything could be typed.


Whatever was there would be added to a running log so you could have a sort of discussion and see what people said before?

I would do it simpler. Just a single field, where subsequent reviewers replace or append to the existing text.

Two things:

1. How big a field? Would a single line be enough or were
   you thinking multiline?

I single line might not be enough. I was imagining something like the field for the long package description.

2. Do you want it to be kept after the translation has
   been sent?

I didn't consider that. But no. There's not much point in that. My idea with the field is simply to ease the discussion about specific translations, so the translation can converge faster.


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