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Activate or not activate languages in D-I?

> But the same discussion is true for the translation of the debian installer as
> well. I think a language should be activated as soon as Christian's new language
> process is fullfilled, which means that the locale exist, also time zone settings,
> fonts, ...
> Only 10 translated strings in the main menu in an exotic language (or an
> ordinary one) make me think "wow, great job", and allows others to jump in
> without worrying about hard core locale/maintaining stuff ...

Well, there's a reason for *not* doing this: we had experiences in the
past where translators popped up, translated a few strings, then

We don't want this anymore. The current process, where we open the new
language when it reaches a translation ratio between 25% and 33%, is
quite OK to motivate translators enough the *really* achieve some

This is not perfect, however. There are a few languages, like Kazakkh,
where the initial effort has been great....but is currently completely
stucked. Frans and I debated about activating these languages for the
Etch release or not. This debate is not completely closed, but the
tendency is TO DEACTIVATE languages which will not be "complete

That latter definition needs to be precised and we will maybe keep it
quite loose to allow for exceptions.

What I can say is that I really URGE translators to complete D-I level
1 as much as possible. The only languages that are guaranteed to be in
the release are those who will be over 90%. For the others, this is
very likely to be a case by case decision.

We know that this is far from perfect. For instance, I'd like, in the
future, to separate the master file in two files:

-one with packages that are used in all default installs. There will
be a very strong requirement for this file to be complete

-another one with less important packages...or packages related to
architectures that cannot really be considered "end-user"
architectures (ie other than i386, powerpc and amd64).

This could be done after Etch....

In the meantime, expect a *very strong* pressure from me for
translators to complete levels 1 to 4 of the installer....

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