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Re: debconf is Level 1?

Clytie Siddall wrote:
> Hello again :)
> I have received a normal-looking debconf update email (dated 29/7/06):
> but when I opened the file, supposedly debconf_1.5.4, the header was for
> the Debian-Installer Level 1 file, and said not to modify this file.

This is from the time that it was part of the big d-i pot file.

> That would make sense if the file were part of Level 1 (in which case I
> would not have received an update email of this kind for it, I imagine).
> But I thought debconf (both kinds) was in Level 5.

It is for the moment.

> There are several untranslated strings in this file. What should I do
> with it?

Update it of course, as you already did :-)



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