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Re: Call for update translations before release shadow 4.0.17

Quoting MJ Ray (mjr@phonecoop.coop):
> How does one obtain the shadow.pot for new translations?

Well, it seems that I failed to convince Tomasz that keeping the POT
in his revision control system is a Good Thing.

Hopefully in the future, when we will have a nice shining translation
system grabbing POT files on our material, I'll have more arguments to
bring and explain that, yes, this is an auto-generated file but, yes,
it is very useful for translators to have it handy in the developer's

Unfortunately, for many developers, the "Thou Shalt Not Keep Generated
Files in Thy RCS" mantra still seems true...:-(. That small bit is
among the few disagreements I have with "my" upstream.

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