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Re: Possible typos in tasksel's tasks/po/*.po[t]

On 29/06/06, Carlos Z.F. Liu <carlosliu@users.sourceforge.net> wrote:

When I tried to update tasks/po/zh_CN.po, I found several weird fuzzy
entries, such as "Japanese desktop desktop" or "Gnome desktop desktop".
Looks like typos or side effects by bad scripts. Hope someone could
recheck this. Thanks.

This behaviour is correct. None of the fuzzy strings are actually used
in the translation, only non-fuzzy, non-void entries are.

Fuzzy entries can appear from two sources:
- old correct translations whose msgid has changed after the translation
- new translations which were added recently for which a previous
msgid had a correct translation; the msgid must be close to the new
one. Close can be defined arbitarily, but generally it is something
like "max two words differ" or something simillar.

The translators are responsible to make the translations actually be
correct and unfuzzy them

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