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Pet release goal for i18n: translated packages descriptions support

(reply set to -i18n as, IIRC, the -release mail address is not a
discussion list or, more, precisely, not meant to be one)

Original announcement by the release management team, a few weeks ago:

> Release Goals
> =============
> After some discussion, we've decided to clarify the handling of "pet
> release goals".  The set of "release blockers" established last year
> remains the same; these issues are bugs of RC severity and covered under
> the 0-day RC NMU policy. In addition we are extending the 0-day NMU
> policy to cover certain endorsed "release goals" even when the bugs are
> not release-critical but of severity important.
> We believe this is warranted for these release goals because they
> significantly improve the overall quality of the distribution across
> packages, as well as etch's usefulness to a range of users.

Actually, I'm a little puzzled to understand the formal process to add
some "pet release goals".

In understand I come late with that one so I (and the whole -i18n
crowd) will understand if you people just tell us "too late"....or
"wrong way to do it, pal" (in that latter case, I'll of course
appreciate to know abou tthe right way to do it).

The Debconf i18n discussion have yielded that having working
packages description translations (with material from the good old
DDTP) is an achievable goal.

A huge amount of material is currently available, as the result of the
DDTP work by l10n teams, up to 2002.

This material is mostly ready for being used and maintained, as files
named "Translations-*" meant to be hosted on Debian mirrors.

APT in experimental now includes support for such translated packages
descriptions. Otavio Salvador is working along with Michael Vogt to
get this feature in unstable.

To use them, users currently need to add the following to their
sources.list file:

deb http://ddtp.debian.net/debian sid main

(and, of course, they also need APT from experimental right now)

The next step would be to allow such files to go on official Debian
mirrors, which requires synchronization and discussion between the
i18n team and the ftpmaster team.

Why make it a release goal?

The major change is getting the Translation-* files in the FTP servers
instead of the alternate APT source list. This needs collaboration
with the ftpmaster team and thus some kind of official endorsment.

Who will coordinate this release goal?

Otavio Salvador and Michael Bramer. I'll also help.

Can we achieve this for etch?

Yes, definitely.

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