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Re: license of translations

MJ Ray wrote:

[...] The easiest way would be to indicate
that the licenses of the translations done with this infrastructure are
the same as the original documents.

Is it sufficient to have such a notice in the documentation of the L10N
infrastrusture (or on the main page, all pages, on mailing list
subscription, etc.)?

Maybe, but I'm not sure.  Why take that risk?
It could take the form of a warning message when you upload files... "All information submitted will be considered.... by clicking in ok you..."

Could the infrastructure insert a standard header for the translator
copyright notice(s) and put the work under the software's licence?
Yes, this could be something that we could look at. Without yet being sure, I beleive that it is probably not difficult to insert it in XLIFF files or PO files (if it is a pointer to a website). The off-line translation editor should be able to display the license.

For additional safety, can the infrastructure accept GPG-signed submissions?
This could be a problem, if it is a requirement. In many case localisers are not technical people, and this could be a strong barrier to usage.


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