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Re: Google summer of code: i18n infrastructure

> Actually. some of my ideas start with the translation bot
> (see http://dutch.debian.net/).  I was thinking of something similar,
> but more general and more integrated:

Note that there are indeed more than one bot (yes, that's Bad....) so
considering all bots is certainly good.

The workplace for development already eixts as "dl10n" project in Alioth.

> * (external) scripts that process a package, extract localisable text
>   and upload it to the system.  Could be hooked up to automatically
>   process newly uploaded packages.  Different packages may need
>   different treatment, but I think that a few simple heuristics
>   (find .po files) should be able to handle the majority of cases.
> * a web interface to check the status of the translations
> * interfaces for submitting translations (web: submit .po / translate
>   individual strings, e-mail, possibly others)
> * interfaces for reviewing translations (web, e-mail)

Here, I really suggest using the existing projects such as Pootle or

> * module that interfaces with the BTS, which automatically files and
>   tracks l10n bugs on behalf of the translator.  This could be extended
>   to talk directly with GNOME/KDE/whatever bugtrackers too to reduce
>   hassle for DDs.

Here, be aware of the bts-link effort by Pierre Habouzit (very
recently announced and already operating).

> One thing that has been bothering me a little is the versioning of
> translations.  Is there a point in keeping different translations (for
> the same language) on the same package?

Up to now, I haven't found much point but I may forget rationales.

> By the way, I do not intend to disappear after the 3 months have
> passed.  I am not a DD, and my free time may shrink in autumn because of
> studies, but if I get this beast running, I am *not* dropping it!  Might
> as well apply for a Debian developer then.

And also work on Lithuanian l10n, maybe..:-) (maybe you're already
doing so, but Kestutis Biliunas name is more familiar to me when it
comes at lt l10n).

Anyway, I see a good start to all this potential work and, hopefully,
the project can be chosen by Debian and funded by Google.

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