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Re: Google summer of code: i18n infrastructure

On Friday 12 May 2006 14:03, Gintautas Miliauskas wrote:

> * module that interfaces with the BTS, which automatically files and
>   tracks l10n bugs on behalf of the translator.  This could be extended
>   to talk directly with GNOME/KDE/whatever bugtrackers too to reduce
>   hassle for DDs.

Basically, I don't think it's smart to translate KDE and GNOME with Debian's 
infrastructure. Ubuntu has problems because a i18n team for eg. Catalan 
translates GNOME/KDE, but someone also translates some strings through 
Rosetta and Rosetta ofcourse overrides upstream translations. It could work 
for bugtracking, but it would probably lead to same problems for translating.

> One thing that has been bothering me a little is the versioning of
> translations.  Is there a point in keeping different translations (for
> the same language) on the same package?

That is also one of the problems Ubuntu had with Rosetta in early stages. 
Somebody comes and "corrects" few messages, but since translations weren't 
versioned, it was a bit harder to restore them back.

A nice feature would also be translation memory and translation policies. If 
one would one day go so far to implement smart translating with machine 
learning, versioned translations would come quite handy. Or at least 
versioned in such way to see what the reviewer changed.

Gasper Zejn

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