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D-I Manual - Unofficial translations of the GPL appendix


Today I've made quite a few changes in the appendix with the GPL, in both 
the text and in the layout, to bring our version more in line with the 
original as published by the FSF.

While working on that, I came across a page [1] with information about 
unofficial translations and under what conditions they are allowed.
This includes a text that *must be included* with the translation.

I will try to create a structural solution so that PO-based translations 
can also add these required texts in a nice way.

The page also has links to unofficial translations for several languages.

Please check if your translation meets the requirements. If there is a 
translation for your language published on that page, the same 
translations should probably be used in the manual.

If not, you should probably try to get your translation approved by some 
free software organization in your country after which it should be 
published somewhere (where it can remain available for a long time) and 
sent to the FSF.
I _don't_ think we should send links to the manual to the FSF.

Please reply to this message and give the results if you have done these 
checks for your language!


[1] http://www.gnu.org/licenses/translations.html

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