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Catched up with xorg package(s) debconf translations


Today, I think that I've completed catching up with translations of
debconf templates for the xorg package.

Indeed, there were several pending translations in the 6.9 branch in
the SVN, which was the one we were formerly pointing to in "Debian
installer level 5" translations.

Since the 7.0 release, translations which were quite often older came
in, which could appear as a regression (see #363051).

So, I took care of merging the translations from the 6.9 branch with
those of the trunk, giving priority to translations from the 6.9

Then I merged all these with the current POT file

Then I re-added all pending and not-yet-commited translations from the
xorg-x11 source package, merged them with the current templates

Finally, I grabbed all recent updates sent for xorg and commited them.

As a consequence, I think that the current debian/po directory in
svn://necrotic.deadbeast.net/sxorg-x11/trunk/debian/xorg/debian/po is
as up-to-date as possible, with all l10n bugs for debconf translations
being processed.

For translators, please wait for Dennis Stampfer to point the D-I
status page to the right URL before doing new updates.

For XSF people, I have subscribed to the PTS for xorg and will
take care of commiting translation updates (unless someone screams out
loud). I will also soon come with a proposal to rewrite the templates
and make them more consistent with the recommended writing style in
the Developers Reference.

Thanks to all people who helped me doing this, especially those who
cared about my lost commit access (which finally turned to be a weird
reverse DNS problem for which Branden added an exception on his server).


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