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Re: Level1-specific checks

> 3) Make sure every msgstr containing
> "#. Translators, this is a menu choice.MUST BE UNDER xx COLUMNS"
> is not longer than xx
> The new column has been called "Specific checks", see:
> http://d-i.alioth.debian.org/spellcheck/level1/index.html
> Currently the following languages need to be fixed:
> bn
> dz
> hi
> km
> lt
> se
> th
> wo

I suggest that the spellchecker script checks the
packages/localechooser/languagelist file when encountering languages
that fil this check. IF the given language is "category 4", then the
check should be ignored.

As Pema mentioned I consider that over 65 columnbs translations for
choices is irrelevant for languages that will only be rendered in the
graphical installer, so we'd better try to avoid warning for these.

This actually means that the language list above should shorten down
to "lt,se,wo".

Apart from that, great work, Davide. We should now try to find a way
to "push" this information to translators by mail.

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