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Re: European PT help needed

On 4/12/06, Marco Ferra <mferra@gmail.com> wrote:
> Hi i18n
> In the name of the European Portugese Translators I ask for an advice
> and possible some help. We have coded a custom system to aid us
> coordinate our translation efforts for Debian, but maybe we could use
> some of the infra-structures that are already available for this task.
> For example the dutch team:


> For this I ask for advice, and if it's possible for us to have access
> to the same resources given by Debian for the translation process.

I personally found out about a tool called transdict which has a _LOT_
of potential and is used by the Croatian team; I have been postponing
a test installation for it for some time now due to lack of time, but
I think it would be nice to try it.

Denis Lackovic, the author of the tool has expressed his will to help
in documenting the install process (he was the adiministrator of the
tool on http://lokalizacija.linux.hr/ ) and improving it.

I must mention that we are on really new ground here and we should not
expect that it will work out of the box; OTOH, the benefits are huge.

Please contact me on private if you feel that we could try a test
installation of transdict (from CVS[1]).

[1] http://cvs.sourceforge.net/viewcvs.py/transdict/transdict/

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