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Re: Policy Translation

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On 03/25/2006 04:06 AM, Junichi Uekawa wrote:
> Japanese people and Portuguese people may be in the same kind of state
> in that many people are not proficient in English. 

	That's totally true for Brazilian Portuguese.

> The reasons for translating to Japanese are:
> 1. Debian-policy documents some of the Debian designs pretty well, and
>    is a very good reference to users.
> 2. Most Japanese people do not read English straight-out; they tend to
>    translate before understanding English text, thus sharing the work
>    and reviewing them is sometimes better.
> Currently, Iwamatsu is doing some Japanese policy translation work for
> doing presentation in monthly Debian meeting in Tokyo.

	That's great! So, I would like to bring back my original question,
which should be the "Right Way (tm)" to send the translation to be added
to the official infrastructure?

	I would like to help with that, we are reviewing some Debian
Foundational Documents (Maint Guide, Policy, Security Guide) and if it is
possible I would like to minimize translators work and "debian-doc
commiters" work.

	Kind regards,

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