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Re: Level1 fixes

Quoting Davide Viti (zinosat@tiscali.it):
> While playing with improving the spellchecker scripts, 
> turns out the following fixes are needed:

Translators have one week to fix this. Then I'll fix it myself.

> The following languages don't include "/Choose language" in the localchooser msgstr (see comment in
> the po file):

Please do so. This is the only way for people who erroneously choose a
language to have the opportunity to kno wwhich entry is th be chosen
to pick another language.

> hi
> km
> se
> sr
> Translation for the mirror country is not transalted for the following languages (is it ok to leave it empty?):

It won't break anything, but anyway "se" should have "NO", "sr" should
have "CS" and "ta" whould have "IN". All these countries have a

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