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Re: Rewording of NM-corner (WAS: Re: Third call for votes for the debian project leader election 2006)

On Thursday 06 April 2006 10:33, JC Helary wrote:
> > It's more than that; that's what the constitution refers to Debian
> > Developers as, so the NM process needs to use the same terminology.
> Yes, the constitution refers to Developers as being _Project Members_.
> (article 5.1.2)

You are repeating yourself in a very annoying way.

Also, you are making a grave interpretation error here: that the term 
"member" is used _once_ in the constitution in a descriptive way does not 
allow you to conclude that the terms are synonymous. The only official 
term _is_ Debian Developer as used throughout the rest of the 

Please stop this "member" nonsense, you are rapidly starting to become a 
troll. Any points that you have wanted to make were clear about 6 mails 
ago. The rest is repetition. Please accept that the consensus is against 
you and move on.

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