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Re: Some Country Names

Quoting Theppitak Karoonboonyanan (thep@linux.thai.net):
> Hello,
> While updating iso-codes Thai translation, I find some country
> names in the PO are not the same as in my reference docs.
> I'm not sure about the name changes in current time, so I
> also consulted Wikipedia, which still confirmed the differences:

Aha...iso-3166, complicated issue..:-)

There are currently three names for each country in the ISO-3166 XML
list in the iso-codes package:

"name" is the country name as of the ISO-3166 standard

"official_name" is the official country name as of the same standard

"common_name" is a NON OFFICIAL name, which was introduced by the
iso-codes package maintainer in an attempt to solve a difficult
problem we faced back in april 2004, when users from Taiwan complained
about the named used for their country in Debian Installer (namely
"Taiwan, province of China")

The first two are strictly compliant with the ISO-3166 standard as
published by the ISO-3166 Maintenance Agency

These names are normalized in English and French (which makes my own
work easy...:-))) and the iso-codes package must implement them
strictly (actually, the only discrepency with the standard is not
using all caps). If it doesn't, this is a bug.

"common_name" is actually used *only* for Taiwan.

As far as I know, the name for the countries you mention hasn't been
changed yet by the ISO-3166 MA (can't check but I monitor their web
site regularly, which explains the addition of Jersey/Guernsey/Isle of
Man this week-end).

Of course, changing a standard always needs time, which explains that
other sources, including those official for the named countries, may
already use something else.

All cases you mention are about adapting the official name of some
countries, which we currently don't use directly in Debian. So I
hereby recommend not changing anything now and wait for the ISO-3166

So, unless the name change *in ISO-3166* has been missed by iso-codes
maintainers, I suggest not reporting a bug.

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