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Re: Debian-installer: dpkg & shadow updates needed

Quoting Clytie Siddall (clytie@riverland.net.au):
> I really appreciate the reminders on this list, when I haven't been  
> able to monitor the D-I status pages every day.
> Reminded by Frans to update the Level 1 file, I just noticed that  
> both dpkg (Level 4) and shadow (Level 5) have some new and fuzzy  
> strings.

Yep. I didn't announce it loudly because we have no guarantee that
either dpkg or shadow will have more changes but, updating
translations does not hurt.

For shadow, please note that the upstream author always contcts the
translators before releases. He also follows our BTS and thus grabs
translation files from there. When he has committed the updates in his
own CVS, then we mark the relevan tDebian bug numbers as
"pending". However the bugs are really fixed when he releases a new
upstream shadow version.

For dpkg, the repository is now a SVN repository on
alioth. Translators who want direct access to it, please send me your
Alioth login name.

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