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Re: For those who care about Hungarian translations of Debian Installer

Ok, hungarian girls and guys,

I agree with Attila: team work.
Who is going to join the team?

I don't have that much time for translation, but if somebody tells me
that I have to translate some file from line i. to line j., I can do that.


SZERVÁC Attila wrote:

Hi, currently I've no net in my home :-( but let's start the team work :-)

On Thu, 19 Jan 2006, Christian Perrier wrote:

Hungarian translations of Debian Installer used to be in very good
shape for sarge.

They're not so good for etch. No activity has happened since sarge

I know there's a l10n team for Hungarian in Debian. Any volunteer is
welcomed to take over the translation from Istvan Verok who apparently
has no more time for it.

Please get in contact with me CC'ing debian-l10n-hungarian if you're
interested. Team work welcomed.

I've CC'ed a few individuals who showed interest in the past. Some of
you if not all are maybe subscribed to the list. If so, please forgive

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